Today, Oscar Peman & Asociadosoffers Argentine seed companies advanced technology in seed coating and pelleting. Fertitec knows how to provide quality and safety to your seeds. With coordinated logistics and control processes based on the traceability of each lot in particular from the moment it enters the plant, these needs can be met throughout the country.

Pelleting and Coating Services for Seeds, Legumes and Grasses.
It offers service to seed companies and agricultural and livestock producers. The treatment facilitates forage grass sowing, standardizing its size and specific weight. It also provides better conditions for germination, protecting grasses from false imbibition. Regarding legume plants, it allows seed inoculation with specific bacteria, ensuring its survival for longer periods, and thus improving pasture performance from the time of implantation.


Inoculation with Specific Bacteria
By working with specialized laboratories, adequate formulation is achieved for each type of inoculant (specific to each type of forage legume to be treated), which will then be used efficiently for seed treatment.


Quality Control in Our Seed Testing Laboratory
Our company has a quality control system based on the traceability of each lot treated in particular, from the moment it enters the processing plant until the seeds are loaded and transferred to the client. We have a modern seed testing laboratory registered in INASE (National Seed Institute).


High-tech Equipment.
Our company has the most modern and efficient seed treating equipment in Argentina. The dosing mechanisms of pelleting machines allow the application of different products such as insecticides, fungicides and inoculants (chosen by the customer), in stratified layers in order to ensure seed effectiveness and persistence.


The efficient coordination of freight on arrival of seeds at the treatment plant, as well as re-dispatch to customers is the fundamental tool of competitiveness that allows us to offer our service to companies around the country, braking down the barriers posed by the distance between the places of origin to the distribution points.