Ferticout Max Plenus

Oscar Pemán has a vast trajectory in the production, conditioning and commercialization of subtropical forage seeds and hybrid sorghum varieties, having a broad know-how about the characteristics of these species.


Based on this important know-how acquired through the development of the first technology of seeds Ferticout, which boosted the implantation efficiency through the incorporation of an Azospirillum bacteria that bio-stimulated germination, Oscar Pemán, together with a strategic alliance with Syngenta, developed a new technology.

The goal of this new technology is to increase the efficiency of implantation through an improved root development and dormancy. Our cutting-edge technology is unique in the forage seed market: FERTICOUT MAX PLENUS.

The cornerstones of this new technology are:

  • Breaking dormancy for improved germination.
  • Higher early root development.
  • Protection against a wide range of diseases and insects.
  • Higher survival under hostile conditions.
  • Better implantation and faster uptake of pastures.

After carrying out tests with different chemical and biological compounds, using different doses, and assessing many parameters, such as: germinating energy, germinating power, root fresh weight, fresh weight of aerial parts, and implantation efficiency, we have reached the following results:

  • The GP of Gatton Panic and Panicum Coloratum has significantly increased in relation to the conventional treatment with AZ, due to breaking dormancy.

  • The root development in both species has increased accordingly.



Available seeds following this treatment:Gatton Pani

  • Gatton Panic
  • Panicum Coloratum
  • Buffel Grass
  • Grama Rhodes
  • Digitaria Eriantha
  • Brachiaria Brizantha