Main characteristics:

  • Intermediate cycle: 103 days.
  • Can be used for crops or dual purpose.
  • Precocity and high production of aerial biomass.
  • Very good efficiency in the use of water.
  • Excellent performance as cover crop.
  • Shows very good performance in poor soils as well as tolerance to typical rye plagues and diseases.
  • Prefers relatively compact soils, i. e., not very porous soils, especially when germinated.
  • Highly tolerant to rusts (Puccinia striiformis and Puccinia triticina).
  • Great resprouting capacity, high rusticity and tolerance to low temperatures.
  • Height: 1 – 1.5 mts.
DM PRODUCTION 4,000 – 6,000 kg/DM/ha/year
DENSITY 70 - 90 kg/ha
SOILS Loam, sandy loam, sandy.
SEEDING DATE (Approximately depending on region and usage): Central and South regions: March - May
North-eastern regions: March - June
Norwest regions April - June