Main characteristics:

  • High production and dry matter quality.
  • Low tolerance to droughts and low temperatures.
  • High reseeding capacity.
  • Summer cycle (marked seasonality in the production of forage).
  • High tolerance to direct grazing with high cattle loads.
  • Great for good quality reserves (round bales and silage).
  • Suitable for different seeding methods (hand seeding, aerial seeding, direct seeding).
  • Perfect for selective clearance (good tolerance to shading).
  • Good performance in forest-pasture systems.
  • Tolerance to acid soils.
Regions: 4
Rainfall: 800 - 1500 mm.
Planting density: 5 - 7 kg. ha/year
Seeding season: All year long during clearances. Springtime in clear fields.
Production: 8 –12 tons/DM/ha/year
Soils: Drained and fertile soils, loam clay.