Silero Inta Pemán

Main characteristics:

  • Excellent hybrid, showing similar yield to that of a grain hybrid (≥ 8000 kg/ha).
  • Great biomass production (up to 100/tons/ha of DM and 30 tons/ha of DM) and high digestibility (73%)
  • High yield of digestible forage per ha (20 tons/ha/DM Dig/ha).
  • Ideal to complement or substitute corn in marginal regions or clearance fields.
  • Tolerant to bird attacks due to its high content in condensed tannin.
  • Its adequate height and stem structure (2 – 2,50 m depending on the environment) makes it roll-resistant, using an adequate density (6-8 plants/m).
  • Possibility to be used as deferred in winter.
  • Tolerant to main diseases.
  • Sugar content in stems varies according to the environment.
Days to flowering: 80 - 85
Maximum height 210 - 250 cm.
Type of panicle Semi-compact.
Colour of the grain Light brown, high tannin.
Emergency days chopping: 125 – 130.
Sugar content in stems High


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