PATRIARCA® is a new synthetic cultivar obtained by complementary crossing selected plants from alfalfa fields implanted with varieties of winter growth. The mother plants were chosen from fields under intensive milk-producing basin in Santa Fe and Córdoba provinces, with strong emphasis on achieving a high production of forage and persistence, absence of root diseases, type of crown and good resistance to of aphids. PATRIARCA® is recommended for cattle feeding under dry conditions in the centre and south of Córdoba province, west of Santa Fe province, and the alfalfa region of Buenos Aires province. This is a cultivar that shows excellent development on irrigation zones in the north of Argentina, and/or dry zones of the North-eastern and Northwest of the country that are suitable for alfafa cropping. 

Also, suitable for haymaking (hays, silage or haylage).

Without winter rest period.

This is a variety without winter rest period (grade 9) of faster growth and highest sprouting speed than Monarca SP INTA and CUF 101.

Shows good bearing, good size of crown and abundant foliage.