Avena Strigosa

Main characteristics:

  • Stands out for its rusticity, good forage production and early seeding.
  • 140-160 days annual cycle.
  • Association with other grammineae and clovers.
  • Upright growth. 1m height.
  • Major volume and deepening of roots than white bran.
  • Good forage production.
  • Abundant tillers.
  • Tolerant to droughts and frosts.
  • Used for direct grazing and chopping as well as haymaking.
  • Highly tolerant to rust and aphids. In general, no special maintenance for disease or plague controls are necessary.
DM PRODUCTION: kg / DM/ha/year
DENSITY 30 – 50 kg/ha
SOILS mple range of soils that show good drainage. 
SEEDING DATE (Approximately depending on region and usage): Central and South regions February - April
North-eastern regions: March - May
Norwest regions: April - June