Located in the city of Jesus María in the north of Córdoba province in Argentina, Oscar Pemán y Asociados is regarded as a leading company in tropical forage seed marketing in northern Argentina, given the excellent quality of its products and the variety of species in seed supply.

Binding agreements with leading seed companies from Australia and South Africa make us the only Argentine seed company specializing in the introduction, evaluation, production and marketing of new subtropical forage species, with numerous and exclusive marketing materials for Argentina.

Thanks to the agreement reached with the National Agency for the Promotion of Science and Technology and INTA researchers, we developed, produced and launched to the market the first Grama Rhodes cultivar with greater tolerance to salinity.

Over the past few years, our projection regarding international trade of subtropical seeds has acquired a special significance, having exported our products to markets that demanded higher quality seeds.

With over fifty years of experience, the company founded by Oscar J. Pemán in the early 60's, has accompanied the development of agriculture based on constant innovation and service quality, both in Subtropical Forage areas, as in other areas such as grain and oilseed storage and marketing of agricultural supplies in general.